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Meet Your Coach

Dr. Marjorie Roberts is a Certified Life Coach and Speaker who coaches her clients how to create the life of their dreams even after this life-altering virus, COVID-19. Living through this life-altering illness and learning to navigate life differently, she has  a real-time experience with what her clients deal with daily.

Dr. Marjorie's dynamic and authentic coaching style creates trust, motivates, and moves people toward positive change with actionable results. She assists her clients in finding their deep inner happiness after pain, helping them define and achieve goals as they consistently live a more joyful life.

She attended Capella University and obtained a Doctorate Of Business Administration with a Specialization in Strategy and Innovation in 2014. Additionally, Dr. Marjorie gained her Life Coaching Certification in November of 2019.


Relationships Matter

Growing up, I was the youngest of the family and had a loving dynamic all around me. Relationships are everything! I believe that they shape us into who we are - past and present. In my childhood household, there was a heavy emphasis on education and self reliance. This has served me very well in my life.

In 1980, I gave birth to my best friend, my daughter. Our relationship is one of the utmost importance to me and I value the time that we spend together. When you see these smiles, know that they are real and that they have a foundation layered with trust, love, and safety. Which is something we all desire and should strive for.

MARJORIE ROBERTS - Marjorie and Leanne

My Personal Story

In March of 2020, I was diagnosed with Coronavirus. As a person that has survived Covid-19, I can provide a real perspective in coping mechanisms needed in the areas of shedding new light on a difficult situation. With my coaching background, I look forward to helping others navigate through life after COVID.

My goal is to help those who have contracted Covid-19 that may be seeking guidance as to how to face the mental difficulties of living day-to day with the the novel Coronavirus. If you or someone you love is in need of a conversation, please reach out today.

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